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Northern Lights in Lapland

Lapland is an ideal place to see northern lights due to its location in the Arctic Circle

The northern lights, scientifically known as aurora borealis, look like magic but they are in fact a natural phenomenon. In short, they occur when charged particles from giant solar flares travel through space and collide with atoms in the earth’s atmosphere, near the magnetic poles.

Depending on such factors as the type of atoms involved, the intensity of solar activity and the pull of earth’s magnetic forces, the northern lights can take on various shapes and colours.

The most common colour of northern lights is green, though — more rarely — violet or red hues can also be seen, and the lights may appear like a rippling curtain, streaming rays or an arc, among other forms. These spectacular displays can only be seen on cloudless, dark nights at high northern latitudes.

Lapland is among the best places to witness this natural phenomenon as the region is located in the “aurora zone” (also called “northern lights belt”) — a zone in the Northern Hemisphere from 65 to 72 degrees north that is known to have more aurora frequency and intensity. The best time to go on a northern lights tour in Lapland is December through March.

Since the appearance of the northern lights depends on many different natural factors, keep in mind that sightings cannot be guaranteed.

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