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Visit the world’s first hotel made of ice that is rebuilt every year

The original ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi, the world’s first hotel made of ice, is famous for its unique concept, dazzling works of art and fairy tale atmosphere. Located in the small arctic village of Jukkasjärvi, this innovative building is among Sweden’s top attractions and draws thousands of tourists to the Lapland region each year.

Every winter, the original ICEHOTEL is completely rebuilt by artists from all over the world using snow and blocks of ice from the local Torne River. Among the hotel’s many features are the stylish reception area and main hall, the ice church and the chic ICEBAR. The hotel offers a variety of rooms, including the signature ice rooms and ice suites.

The new permanent structure, the ICEHOTEL 365, offers a year-round winter experience inside thanks to solar energy. It hosts an assortment of ice rooms and ice suites as well an ice bar, ice church and other creative works of ice and snow.

The two ice bars in both the original and 365 structures are, like the hotels themselves, crafted entirely of ice and snow each year. In partnership with the Swedish liqueur brand ABSOLUT, the décor in both bars, from chairs to glasses, are made from crystal clear ice from the Torne River.

The original ICEHOTEL is open from mid-December through April while the ICEHOTEL 365 is open year-round. Guided tours are available for visitors not spending the night at the hotel.

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